About Me

  My name is Graham Hunt, I live about 6 miles from the original Star yacht factory in Birkenhead. As a youngster, I can remember the Star yachts being sailed locally in boating lakes and ponds also the fun that you got from doing this, as I still do. Many people have bought or received as a present these yachts and probably have one still stashed away with broken masts, ripped sails or small parts missing, my aim is to help get these yachts sailing again and give the fun & pleasure back. I hope to inspire people to start or rekindle an interest in Star yachts and hopefully build a portfolio over time which should help you identify the different Star yachts, show you the original colours, the types of sails, the finer details, to help you to "Keep your boat afloat!".

I could not start this venture without the memories, information and knowledge from Frank Denye, the last surviving owner of the Birkenhead Star Yacht empire, his support has been invaluable and to whom I am immensely grateful. I am happy to say that Frank Denye is now patron of the Birkenhead Star Yacht Appreciation Society.